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   Asian American Net would like to invite you to consider placing your advertisements on its web pages. Our web site will help you achieve your marketing and promotional goals by providing opportunities for advertisements of your products and services in two ways: (1) Banner Display, and (2) Classified Ads. For substantially less than the cost of advertising on other web sites, in the newspapers, magazines, or mass-mailing, you can achieve better results by placing your advertisements on our web pages primarily because we provide potentially a huge market for your products and services.

    Asian American Net is a popular site, and visits to our pages have increased dramatically during the recent past. Our users are not only the Asian American communities, but also high school, college, and university students and teachers across the country and overseas. This is a huge market for your products and services. This site is an invaluable source of Internet resources for students, teachers, and anyone interested in any aspect of Asia and Asian countries.

    To receive further information on advertising opportunities and the cost of advertising, please send us an e-mail. We will contact you soon after we hear from you. Thank you.

(1) Classified Advertisements

    Asian American Net will help you achieve your marketing and promotional goals. You may advertise your products and services in the classified section on a monthly basis (minimum of three months). The text only advertisements should not exceed 300 words. If you have any special advertising and marketing needs which require graphic (e.g., logo of your company) or picture to go along with your advertisement, you must provide us with your own graphic (logo) or picture in addition to the text of your advertisement.  The graphics and/or pictures (maximum of two) will be scanned, reduced if necessary, and be converted into image files. Each image file size will not exceed 5KB. If you prefer, we can create banners for your site.

(2) Banner Display

    If you supply your own banner or button (in gif or jpeg format), it should be within the dimension mentioned below and the file size should not exceed as indicated. Banner/button will be linked to your URL (for existing web sites). You may send your banner, mini-banner, or button by e-mail.  Send it to webmaster. If you want us to download your banner/button, let us know the URL address.

    If you want us to create a banner for you, we will need your business address: title and three lines of business address. You may also want to include your telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address.


[Banner Example: Standard Banner Size (width = 468, height = 60). File size, up to 15KB]

2. Example: Mini Banner: Dimension: 234x60 pixels (width = 234, height = 60). Image file size, up to 10KB.

adbut2.gif (4833 bytes)

3. Example: Button1: Dimension: 125x125 pixels (width = 125, height = 125).  Image file size, up to 10KB.

adbut3.gif (2569 bytes)

4. Example: Button2: Dimension: 150x30 pixels (width = 150, height = 30).  Image file size, up to 5KB.

button2.gif (2026 bytes)

For advertisement inquiry, please send us an E-Mail


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