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Free Announcements

Asian American Net will post, free of charge, any educational, public service, community related, and non-commercial, announcements and news items in the "Announcements" section. Professional and non-profit organizations and agencies in particular are encouraged to submit their announcements, news, annual meeting as well as employment opportunities.  The items should not exceed three hundred words. Please submit your material to Asian American Net.    


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Bangladesh Future

    Are you interested in providing a helping hand in Bangladesh? Would you consider joining with the Volunteers’ Association for Bangladeshi in strengthening the educational system in Bangladesh?

     Some ex-patriots and others who have grown to love Bangladesh and the Bangladeshis are providing funds to strengthen the programs in some rural high schools and provide scholarships for some of the poorest students. In addition, a few village basic health programs and computer training centers are being established..

     If you would like to know exactly where your money is going and how it is being spent to improve the prospects for some of the poorest young people, look into the Volunteers’ Association for Bangladesh (VAB). Since all of its organizers and workers in the U.S. are volunteers, any administrative costs for VAB are practically nil.

     VAB was established in 1988 in the state of New York as an international charity with tax exempt status. The idea began with Dr. A.T. Rafiqur Rahman, who after a distinguished career in international development and university teaching, wanted to do more for his native country after retiring in Irvington, NY. Forty years ago, Dr. Rahman had the pleasure of working with some of the first American Peace Corps volunteers at the Academy for Rural Development, Comilla. With these two groups, former Peace Corps volunteers and Bangladeshi ex-patriots in the New York area, Dr. Rahman has organized a small, but enthusiastic association of individuals and organizations dedicated to improving the prospects of young Bangladeshis. It is not reasonable to believe that such enthusiasm and dedication is limited to the New York region.VAB would like to hear from people with similar concerns across the country.

     If you would like to share in this endeavor, contact VAB, P.O. Box 234, Irvington, NY or go to for more information.

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Who's Who of Asian Americans

     Asian American Net will publish biographies of prominent Asian Americans who have made significant achievements in their professional fields and contributed significantly to their communities and the American society at large.  Scholars, professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, and others are invited to submit their brief biographies (preferably less than 1,000 words) for consideration to be published by Asian American Net.  Young Asian Americans who have already achieved distinctions and those who demonstrate potentials to be successful both in academic and non-academic areas are also invited to submit their biographies. To submit your biography online, please click here. You may also nominate your colleagues and others who you think merit recognition by Asian American Net. To fill out an online nomination form, please click here.

Who's Who of Asian Americans
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