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What our readers are saying about Asian American Net
Your Comments and Suggestions

  • Thank you for a job well done. The Asian American Net has made lasting contributions to APA communities in the U.S. and around the world. Congratulations!

    -- Dr. N.T. Hieu, Chicago, Illinois

  • This site is awesome. Your site is really nice! I really enjoy your site! Just cool site! No any words else to say...

    -- Douglas Gresham, New York

  • Very interesting and beautiful site. It is a lot of helpful information. Thanks!

    -- Martin, Califormia

  • I was using this website to research Asia and was amazed about how much information you have here! This really is a great website! Keep up the good work!

    -- Sahifah, Texas

  • Dear Asian American Net. That is such a wonderful time to find this helpful site. I really enjoy with Asian American Net. Thank you.

    -- Ena Yaung, Maryland

  • I came across your website and was very impressed with your content and the range of topics you cover.

    -- Mr. Woo

  • Its such a wonderful site, keep it up.

    -- Okoro Mugu, New York

  • The new government page is great! Thanks for adding this to the site and making it possible to more easily write to our Congressmen, Senators and even State Representatives. I'd also love to see sample letters about issues of importance to Asian Americans and those concerned about Asian American issues so that I may copy them and email them to important people. This makes the site a lot better!

    -- Frank. Tulsa, OK

  • I really appreciate your pages on Asian/Asian American Studies programs, and I love your website. One suggestion I have is to separate the Asian/Asian American Studies programs into different categories for ease of use: Asian and Asian American and combined Asian and Asian American Programs....

    -- Kent, Urbana, Illinois

  • Very Impressive, & well put together site! Will be back to explore soon when I have time! Keep up the good work!

    -- Cary. Santa Clara, California

  • I just made a short visit to your site. Thank you for such a great web-site. Great work. Keep it up. Regards,

    -- Yujin. Kerala, India

  • We recently visited your web site, and it looks great! So great in fact, that we want to involve your web site in our exciting new research project National Geographic Survey2001: Conservation, Community, and Culture. We would like for your web site to be one of the many starting points for people to access Survey2001 on the web.

    -- National Geographic Magazine

  • Good work ! Keep it up. There are lots of good info in your site.

    -- Tom. Toronto, Canada

  • Stopped by today and enjoyed your site. Found it to be warm and friendly. Thank you for all the work your staff has done for all of us.

    -- Jane Sadowy, New Jersey

  • What a wonderfully detailed source of information! Many of my questions about Asian Americans were answered here. This is a truly valuable resource for anyone seeking information about Asian countries and Asian cultures.

    -- J. Turner, Jr., LaCrosse, Indiana

  • I just discovered the Asian American Net and am very impressed with your site. We will include a link to you on our web site. Could you please post a link to us at http://www.chinesenewcomers.org ? We are a non-profit in San Francisco California and have provided services to Chinese immigrants for over 31 years. I appreciate that unlike many other Asian portals I have seen, you do not include pornography sites and you have great resources for children. We are proud to be listed with you.

    -- Deborah Harper, San Francisco

  • Best friend Nabo Tanaby, served in W.W.II with 34th Division was in line with 100 BN& 442nd in Italy, lot of good Americans died to prove their loyalty. Good friends, Good people.

    -- Renaldo Lares, Rochester, M.N.

  • I just saw your web site and was impressed. You did a very nice job on it. Your web is perhaps the most thoroughly linked and well organized page I have found on Asian-Americans. I have provided a link from my own page to yours. I found your page to be clear and easy to use. A perfect access device for anyone interested in finding out more about Asian Americans.

    -- Dr. Dennis Hart, Kent State University, Ohio

  • A very useful and interesting site - especially that you have such a comprehensive list of Asian American organizations. All the best,

    -- John Einar Sandvand, Hong Kong
                  web editor of Asia Observer (www.asiaobserver.com)

  • This site is a very useful portal for all information about Asian Americans, not only in the US, but all around the world, a great resource for all!

    -- Johnny Wu, Cleveland, Ohio

  • Just your compendium of Asian American organizations alone will be the reason to visit often. Thank you for performing this service to the community.

    -- George Koo, San Jose, California

  • Outstanding site. Very useful for me and for my students. Their papers demonstrate intelligent use of the information they obtain from your site.

    -- Emilie, Chicago, Illinois

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