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TAIWAN.gif (1368 bytes)  Taiwan (Republic of China)

Republic of China: Government Information Office
Office of The President of the Republic of China

Government Ministries and Agencies

News Sources on Taiwan

Banks and Financial Institutions

Doing Business in Taiwan

Political Parties & Organizations

Other Web Resources on Taiwan

  • Taipei Economic & Cultural Office, Information Division, New York. News, consular services, current event, information, links.
  • Taiwan: Government Entry Point. Provides abundant and diversified information and services on business, traveler, discovery, Taiwan headlines, system, investment, etc.
  • Central News Agency (CNA). The Chinese information and Cultural Center of Taipei offers same day, online news reports.
  • Political Resources on the Net: Taiwan. Constitution, political parties, government, ministries, news & information.
  • Governments on the WWW: Taiwan. National, regional and municipal institutions, representations in foreign countries, political parties, additional information.
  • American Institute in Taiwan (AIT): a non-profit, private corporation established for continuation of commercial, cultural and other relations between the people of the US and the people on Taiwan.
  • Taiwan Research Institute. A non-profit, private policy research organization. Studies international and domestic economic and political issues of concerns to ROC.
  • Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). About ITRI, ITRI Incubator Center, Scope of R & D, publications, news.
  • Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences. The Institute focuses on the multi-disciplinary study of the attributes of policies, values, and institutions and the changes these undergo over time.
  • Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER). About TIER, international affairs, economic forecast, database, publications.
  • Center for Taiwan International Relations (CTIR). A private, non-profit, non-partisan research organization, Washington, D.C. Maintains that the sovereignty of Taiwan belongs to the people of Taiwan.
  • Taiwan Communique. A bi-monthly journal focused on political developments in and around Taiwan. Published by the International Committee for Human Rights in Taiwan.
  • The Republic of China at a Glance. Geography, people & language, politics & government, foreign relations, economy, education, media, etc.
  • Taiwan History Online. In English, Chinese and Japanese. Ilha Formosa, Dutch era, Ching Dynasty, Japanese occupation, WWII, Chiang regime, economic miracle, future outlook.
  • Taiwan Resources. Taiwan Education Center. Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles
  • US-Taiwan Business Council. The council is THE organization in the US representing the collective interests of American companies doing business with Taiwan.
  • Taiwan Business Web. Provides online information for leading manufacturers, importers and exporters in Taiwan.
  • Taiwan Trade Online. Taiwan Yellow Pages, Taiwan & world business & finance, trade opportunity.
  • New Taiwan, Ilha Formosa. Taiwan's history, present, and future. Major issues, organizations, information, what's new.
  • Global Views Survey Research Center
  • ORIENTED. Online community network of global professionals in Taiwan. Site contains bulletin boards, discussion forums, people directory, and chat room.